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Business Structure Leadership & Management Academy (BUSLMA), with a head office in Abuja, Nigeria, is a leading organization in the fields of strategy management, implementation, behavioural training, and business consulting. Our main skill is successfully supporting business strategies with people, processes, and systems (information technology) to improve transformational performance and make operations run more smoothly.

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Let's Quickly Run A Scan On Your Business Using The Following Questions

(1) Do you have a detailed monthly expense budget for your business?
(2) Do you have a well-documented standard operating procedure (S.O.P) for all of your product and service processes in place to help you and your team be more effective and productive?
(3) Can you confidently declare that your business's sales target has been met monthly?

(4) When last did you take a minimum of 3 days off your business, knowing fully well that everything can work in your absence?

(5) Have you been able to recoup more than half of your initial business investment capital?

(6) Does your business currently have its own savings account where you save excess monthly profit gains or you are currently looking for where to either borrow money to inject into the business?

(7) Do you clearly know your business growth rate since January, how many new customers you have been able to attract & retain? How many old (existing) customers still patronize you and even give you constant referrals?

(8) Does your business’s revenue cover its daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly operating expenses?

(9) Do you have a minimum of 2 to 3 years of business growth plan for your business, or you are already mentally exhausted with all that is happening in your business right now?

(10) Are you planning to switch business lines because your current business model is making you look as if you don’t know what you are doing, even though you were so sure before you invested in it?

If you answered NO to more than 5 questions, we have the solution for your business call +2349098002014

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